As part of its proposals for the future, Dagenham Park School – working in conjunction with Barking and Dagenham Council – is currently planning for the expansion of its additional resourced provision (ARP) at the school.

The current arrangement at the school for the ARP is that it takes up to 30 children with complex and moderate learning difficulties.

The proposal is for the ARP to increase the number of places by 10 so that it can take up to 40 pupils.

This letter forms part of the consultation process for Dagenham Park School to increase the number of places of its ARP.

This ARP supports pupils at the school to encourage equality of opportunity and learning.
The objectives of the ARP are:

  1. to provide specialist support to pupils with complex and moderate learning difficulties.
  2. to support these pupils to develop strategies to enable them to access a mainstream classroom.
  3. to adapt lessons following the National Curriculum with an additional focus on communications skills to enable pupils with complex and moderate learning difficulties to develop.
  4. to provide on-site specialist provision.
  5. to improve access to specialist staff.

It is intended that the ARP would increase its provision from 30 to support 40 pupils who would be allocated a school place based on their need and the criteria set out in the objectives above.

The expansion of the ARP at the school would include the following steps:

  1. This consultation, in which interested parties are invited to provide their views, which will be taken into account together with comments received when the Notice is published.
  2. The issuing of a Notice, which invites further comments.
  3. A report to the Council’s Cabinet to determine the outcome of the proposal.
  4. Planning for implementation (if consultations confirm that this is the right course).

This letter is part of the formal consultation process which includes the publication of the Statutory Notice regarding this proposal.

If you would like to comment on the proposal, please either write to me at the address included in the letter (see link below) or emailĀ . Any contributions will need to arrive before 20th December 2019.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Carr
Group Manager School Investment, Organisation and Admissions

This is a reproduction of an original letter. A copy of the original letter can be found here.