Dagenham Park Church of England School is committed to community cohesion and equal opportunities

  • All admissions to Dagenham Park Church of England School are through the formal agreed Barking and Dagenham Local Authority Admissions Policy.
  • We will not accept informal applications for admission to Dagenham Park Church of England School.
  • Once a child has been allocated a place at Dagenham Park we will endeavour to have them on roll within ten days.
  • To assist with the admissions process and to ensure successful integration into the school we will request additional information from the student’s prior school.
  • If we are unclear of the student’s current academic attainment we will test students to ensure placement in the most suitable sets.
  • All new admissions are to be interviewed by the Head of Achievement, or if they are unavailable by an appropriate member of staff.

Transferring between schools

  • The parent/carer should arrange an appointment with a senior member of the school staff to discuss the reason for requesting a transfer. This should include the Head of Achievement.
  • If the parent/carer states there are issues within the school the member of staff dealing with the transfer request should ensure that the appropriate people are informed and the concerns have been appropriately addressed by the school.

To apply for a school place and for further information, please follow the link below to the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham School Admissions page