Dagenham Park celebrate after significant improvements in headline measures.

Students and Staff are today celebrating after achieving outstanding GCSE results. The percentage of students who achieved passes in Mathematics and English has increased by 12% resulting in the school recording some of the best results in their history, 55% of students achieved a pass in both Maths and English. English results have increased by 6% meaning that 7 in 10 students have achieved a pass and Mathematics results have increased by 10% meaning 6 in 10 students have achieved a pass.

In addition to this the percentage of students who achieved top grades in Science has significantly improved, over 50% of students achieved a 7+ in biology this was a 36% increase, 46% a 7+ in Chemistry and 36% a 7+ in Physics

44% of the students at Dagenham Park achieved a pass in a foreign language

The percentage of students who achieved the English Baccalaureate has increased from 19% to 28%.

There were some outstanding individual success stories. Carmen Pearce-Oberholzer achieved six grade 9’s and 4 grade 8’s, Maria Islam achieved 3 grade 9’s and 3 grade 8’s and Lenny Izekor achieved 6 grade 9’s and 2 grade 8’s.

Head of School Chris Ash said “ I’m delighted with the improvements that have been made since being appointed acting head of school at Dagenham Park. To see a significant improvement in attainment and progress in all headline measures within this time period is a testament to the hard work of both students and staff. The school has undergone significant changes in the last 18 months resulting in outstanding examination results. I am sure that this will continue to improve in the years to come and it is an exciting time to be at Dagenham Park”